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About Mad Dog Wines

Mad DogMad Dog Munzberg is a fourth generation Barossa grape grower with low yielding, 100 year old vines. He proudly makes small batches of hand crafted wines.

Mad Dog has been making Shiraz under his own label since 1999. He selects the best fruit from his vineyard and combines traditional winemaking methods, minimal handling and top notch French oak to produce a Shiraz that is undeniably Barossa, with its rich fruit flavours and ample structure.

In addition to the Shiraz, starting in 2006 Mad Dog released a Sangiovese. This wine comes from a tiny trial planting in his vineyard, with yields being restricted to well under 2 tonnes.

He affectionately refers to this wine as MAD DOCG (with a silencio C) after the great savoury Sangiovese wines of Tuscany. The spice laden, wild cherry fruit character overlays a canvas of fine French oak. A wine to be enjoyed over the mid-term or catch it while its young and fresh.

In 2011 Mad Dog produced the first white wine under the Mad Dog label. In 2008 Mad Dog planted what he thought were Albarino vines, DNA testing has revealed that these were in fact the little known French variety Savagnin. Instead of calling in the lawyers to find someone to blame, Mad Dog tried making some of it into wine and was pleasantly surprised by the superb wine that resulted.

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